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The first ever i30 SEDAN N.

Fun to the power of N, now available with the practicality of a Sedan. Deliver an adrenaline boost on every drive with the all-new i30 Sedan N, Hyundai’s first hot sedan.

i30 Sedan

Turbocharge your every day.

Turn up the heat. With a 2.0-litre turbo flat power engine delivering 206kW of power and 392Nm of torque, your daily drive just got a whole lot more dramatic.

Overseas model shown.

i30 Sedan

Boost your power.

For the ultimate N experience, press the N Grin Shift button on the steering wheel and for the next 20 seconds you’ll surge up to 213kW. Toggle this button from a standing start and you’ll unlock maximum power for a race[P6] from zero to 100km/h in the quickest time possible.

Available on DCT variant only.

i30 Sedan

Dual-Clutch auto is a shift in performance.

The all-new i30 Sedan N gives drivers a high-tech, 8-speed wet Dual Clutch Transmission (DCT) as standard. Cruise in full auto or seize the moment by pushing up and down on the gear lever for faster shifting speeds and acceleration that pushes you back into your seat. With three exclusive performance functions – N Grin Shift, N Track Sense and N Power shift – you’ll soon see what all the fuss is about.

i30 Sedan

The sound of performance.

The all-new i30 Sedan N is filled with high-performance features to fill every drive with fun. The N Corner Carving Differential unlocks agility, allowing you to carve corners like a pro. The Active Variable Exhaust System steps up the sonic experience of your ride, tailoring the pop and crackle of the exhaust to suit you. Launch Control literally prepares you for take-off. Add the thrilling new N 8-speed wet Dual Clutch Transmission and you have the hottest of hot sedans.

Overseas model shown.

i30 Sedan

WRC power.

Inspired by WRC rallying technology, the all-new i30 Sedan N is now stronger than ever before. By integrating the drive shaft, wheel hub and bearing we’ve reduced the number of parts and lowered the unsprung mass by 1.7kg – both boosting acceleration and power-to-weight, and helping the i30 Sedan N withstand extreme lateral g-forces.

Overseas model shown.

i30 Sedan

Bespoke 19” wheels with Michelin tyres.

Not only does the i30 Sedan N sport superbly sculpted 19-inch alloys, but they come with high-performance Michelin Pilot Sport 4S tyres – the first Hyundai ever to do so straight from the factory.

i30 Sedan

N Performance Driving Data System.

Drive like a pro with essential information such as oil and coolant temperature, torque, turbo boost, g-force and lap timer displayed on the dedicated N graphic interface. Switch driving modes at the touch of a button, and choose from six settings – Eco, Normal, Sport, N, N Custom 1 and 2 – to match the road conditions, and the driver’s attitude.

i30 Sedan

N Exclusive Exterior Styling.

The i30 features a superior 7” colour supervision cluster display with digital speedometer, which puts all the essential information about your vehicle front and centre such as speThe i30 Sedan N looks the part as a track-ready[P6] rock star, from its decisive wing-type rear spoiler to the N diffuser and N dedicated bumper. There’s the 19-inch wheels with N-branded brake calipers, the unique side sills, and the distinctive N taillights. This is the very essence of aggressive sophistication: a road car that’s ready for fun.

Overseas model shown.

Superb aerodynamics elevate downforce – and maximise style.

With aggressive design elements and spectacular lines, the i30 Sedan N's aerodynamic highlights don't just look energetic and powerful, they're highlight functional. The side sills reduce drag and improve air flow, while the rear wing and diffuser manage downforce at high speeds. And on the track, the front air guides cool the brakes during repeated hard use. Form follows function in a vehicle packed with performance and sophistication.

Think outside the box

Take it for a spin

Sculpted for performance.

The i30 Sedan N takes the already sophisticated design of the i30 Sedan and takes the aggression and attitude up to a whole new level. With seven exterior colours to choose from, including the exclusive N signature Performance Blue, sporty performance now comes with even more style.

i30-Sedan N

N taillights.

The bold rear design features the N diffuser with N triangular rear fog lamp, emphasising its tough stance and race-car attitude.

i30-Sedan N

N sports body kit.

An N wouldn’t be an N without the sporty signature side skirts, while the i30 Sedan N’s distinctive N sports body kit adds an extremely eye-catching front bumper dynamic to stand out from the crowd.

i30-Sedan N

Explore the range.

Ultimate Red

Colour Options

Ultimate Red

Exhilaration inside and out.

The smile starts as soon as you get in, and it just grows from there. Whether you’re buckling up for your daily commute or relishing the delights of a back country hill climb, the driver-oriented cockpit, with N-branded features, will have you primed for peak performance every time.

Engine performance.

Designed for flat-out enjoyment, the i30 Sedan N is powered by a 2.0-litre turbo GDi engine. With increased torque and greater power at lower revs, drivers can extract more grunt, sooner, for super-fast getaways and to explode out of every corner on the track[P6]. Instantly accessible at every moment, with minimal lag and maximum response, the i30 Sedan N is engineered to put you in complete control.

i30-Sedan N


With maximum torque between 2,100 and 4,700rpm and maximum power between 5,500 and 6,000rpm, you get more performance, and more fun, you get more performance and more fun with every drive.

i30-Sedan N


Take your pick between the purist’s 6-speed manual for those whose heart races to a crisp shifter and clutch, or the 8-speed wet N DCT automatic with fast shifting response for immersive, track-like[P6] excitement in everyday life. Two options, one thrilling drive.

i30-Sedan N

Integrated Drive Axle.

Inspired by WRC technology and a first for Hyundai, the i30 Sedan N features an integrated drive axle for superior ride and handling. By incorporating the drive shaft, wheel hub and bearing we’ve made a weight reduction of 1.7kg, making it lighter and stronger than ever before. Boosting acceleration, unlocking the exhilaration of lateral g-forces, and arming you with the ultimate vehicle to experience the true joy of cornering.

i30-Sedan N

Ride & Handling.

The i30 Sedan N is fitted with Electronically Controlled Suspension (ECS) with three distinct modes to deliver the best possible drive for all road conditions. A strengthened and reinforced chassis, with rack-mounted power steering, gives you the agility to attack every bend with the confidence of a champion driver.

i30-Sedan N