The sedan is new again.

Innovation after inspired innovation will make the all-new Sonata the best thing to happen to sedans since forever. From sleek, sports coupe design to tech and safety on the cutting edge, the all-new Sonata's got it all.

Key Features

Sensously sporty.

One look is all it takes to realise the all-new Sonata was developed in line with an entirely new design concept.

That concept was called ‘Sensuous Sportiness'. The more you look at this sleek, next-generation automobile, the more you’ll recognise the ‘Sensuous Sportiness’ in every feature.


Hidden daytime running lights.

Ingeniously integrated into the hood's chrome trim, these unexpected attention-grabbers set the tone for the Sonata's many other design inoovations.

Coupe-like silhouette.

The introduction of a fastback-style roofline takes the classic sedan template into a sleeker, more athletic design direction that reduces aerodynamic drag and wind noise.

18” alloys.

Sleek and striking, Sonata roars ahead on lightweight, high performance rims designed to match the body’s flowing silhouette perfectly.

Interior Features

See what all the
excitement's about.

While we wait for the all-new Sonata to arrive, why not watch the global video of the overseas model.